Car Hire Larnaca Airport – A Simple Overview

Car hire Larnaca airport is a popular choice with many passengers arriving at the airport as it provides total independence from the moment you land at Larnaca until the day of your Departure. It allows you set your own schedule without having to wait around for other passengers at the airport or having to rely on public transport to and from the airport. These simple facts are very attractive to many passengers who just want to get to their chosen destination in as less time as possible without the hassle of waiting around at the airport.

In Cyprus, they drive on the same side of the road as in the UK (on the right).  Therefore, if you are normally a little nervous when driving abroad because of driving on the opposite side of the road, you need not worry about that in Cyprus.

Why Choose Car Hire Larnaca Airport

If you are on a ‘flight only’ and require a transfer to and from Larnaca airport, it is definitely worth looking into hiring a car. Car hire from Larnaca airport is a very popular choice for many passengers, as it provides a quick, convenient and cheap form of transfer to and from the airport, especially if there are several people in your party where the cost can be shared.

Although the major resorts such as Aiya Napa and Protaras are less than 60klm away from Larnaca airport, it will be quite expensive to get a taxi to these resorts and the added bonus of hiring a car from the airport is, you will have transport for the duration of your holiday in Cyprus, allowing you to explore even more of the beautiful island of Cyprus. There are so many great places to visit and things to see and do in Cyprus and many of then can be difficult to reach by public transport. Even if you can reach these sights by public transport, you are generally restricted to a bus time schedule which is not the case if you have your own car.

If you are wanting to visit the many sights and different places on the island, it can be a much cheaper option to hire a car, especially when you calculate the cost of al the taxi fares and bus fares during your stay. There really are some very good deals to be found on car hire and the earlier you make your reservation, the better deal you will find.

Obviously, the later you leave hiring your car, the more expensive it will be. This is due to supply and demand, as most hire companies only have a certain amount of vehicles allocated to the airport. Pre-booking your vehicle in advance, is usually the best policy and will save you alot of time and money than leaving it til the last minute or when you actually arrive at the airport. Purchasing your car hire at the airport is not a good idea, as you will be charged a much higher price. This is simply because when you are at the airport, you are a captive customer and the car hire company will know two things:

1. You want to hire a car.

2. You do not have much choice and that all the other car hire companies at the airport will also charge you premium rates.

This then puts you in a very vulnerable position and as a result, will cost you a lot more money than if you had pre-booked your car hire in advance!

Find The Best Deals On Car Hire From Larnaca Airport, With Companies You Know And Trust.

The Internet is full of websites that offer car hire and trying to find the best deals can sometimes be a nightmare and a little frustrating. It can also become a pain when you are having to visit each companies website individually and continuously entering in your details over and over again. Using a car hire comparison site such as Auto Europe or Car Rentals is a great option and will ensure you find the best deals from all the major car hire companies in minutes!

There are several major car hire companies that operate from Larnaca airport and there are a few companies that consistently offer great deals.  We have provided a link to these companies for your convenience and are sure you will find a deal on car hire to suit you needs and budget. Obviously, which company you choose to book your car hire through is your decision but I am sure that if you choose one of the companies listed below, you will not be disappointed.

Options For Car Hire Larnaca Airport

Below is a list of the car hire companies that consistently offer the best deals on car hire from Larnaca.

Collecting You Car Hire Larnaca Airport

When you arrive at the airport, you will need to make your way to te appropriate car hire desk. At the desk, you will need to present all your required documentation that has been requested by the car hire company. This is usually your Driving Licence, rental voucher or invoice and a credit card, however if you are unsure it is always best to check with the car hire company prior to your arrival. Once you provide the relevant documentation, you will be issued with your paper works and also the keys to your hire car. Included in with your paperwork will normally be a ‘Condition Report’, this report is a report that has been conducted by the car hire company before you took receipt of the vehicle. Basically, it tells them the condition of the car before you drove it. It is always a good idea to take a few minutes when you get to your car to have a look around the car yourself and make the ‘Condition Report’ is correct and that there are no damages to the car that have not been listed on the report. If you do find any additional damages make a note of them and then inform the car hire company before you drive the car!

We hope that the above information has helped you make the choice as to whether of not car hire Larnaca airport will be the right choice for you.