Larnaca Airport Parking

Larnaca airport parking is fairly straight forward.  There is a parking charge at the airport and it depends on the duration of your stay.

The first 20 minutes parking is FREE.  Any duration after 20 minutes, you will be charged.

A list of prices for Larnaca Airport parking can be found further down this page.  Please note that parking charges are subject to change but at the time of writing, these prices were correct.

Larnaca Airport Parking Tickets

As you enter the car park, you will need to take a ticket from the machine at the barrier.  Once the barrier has raised, yo can proceed to a vacant parking bay.

Please Note: You will be required to pay for your parking before leaving the car park.  If you do not pay, the barriers on exit will not open.  Therefore you will need to take your ticket with you into the airport terminal and pay for your parking at one of the machines which are located near the front of the terminal building.

If you loose your ticket you will be charged €50 and a release charge of €85

Special Concessions

There are designated parking bays at the front of the terminal building for people whom have reduced mobility.  The first 2 hours are FREE for badge holders and people using these bays must present their badge to have their ticket validated.  Any person using these designated bays for longer than the first 2 hours, will incurr the standard parking charges.

Drop Offs

At the front of the terminal building, there is a special designated ‘Drop Off” area, where people can drop passengers off but they only have 5 minutes to do so.  You cannot leave your vehicle unattended and any vehicles which are left unattended, will be towed away!

Should your car be towed away, you will incurr a fine of 85 euros for the tow and then an additional 10 euros per day for every day that your car is impounded.

Car Parking Prices At Larnaca Airport

First 20 Minutes FREE

Between 20 – 30 minutes €2

30 – 60 minutes €3.50

1 – 2 hours €4.50

2 – 4 hours €6.00

4 – 12 hours €9.00

12 – 24 hours €12.00

Upto 5 days it is €12.00 per day – Then any duration after 5 days, it is €6.00 per day

Please note that the above prices for Larnaca airport parking are subject to change but at the time of writing were correct.