Flights To Larnaca

Many airlines now fly into Larnaca airport, including some of the ‘No thrills, low budget airlines’ such as Easyjet and Jet 2.  However, flights to Larnaca Cyprus are generally quite highly priced and it is always best to shop around and see which airline is offering the best deals. This said, it can be an endless task surfing the Internet to find the cheapest flights to Larnaca as there are so many tour operators and agents offering cheap flights.

Visiting each website and continuosly typing in your details is a complete nightmare and can actually help increase the price of a flight! One of the best ways to find the cheapest deal with an airline, is to use a flight comparison website. Using a flight comparison website, will allow you to search all the airlines in one go and you will only be required to type in your details once.

To save you time and money, we have provided a flight comparison search box for you below.  This will search all the available flights from all the airlines for your required dates and then list the results of cheap flights to Cyprus Larnaca Airport.

There are a larger number of flights to Larnaca during the summer months, as many travel operator run charter flights to Larnaca. These are generally flights from other European countries with a large number of flights to Larnaca from the UK, Germany, Russia and Scandinavia.  Charter flights tend to be for 7 & 14 day durations but it depends on the availability of seats as to whether or not the travel operator release them for different durations.

You can fly to Larnaca airport from most of the major airports in the UK and the Charter flights from the UK are usually on a Wednesday and Sunday.

Why Choose Flights To Larnaca

Larnaca Airport is the largest of the two airports in Cyprus and services the many popular resorts close by such as Larnaca, Limassol, Ayia Napa, Protaras and Pernera. All these resorts can still be accessed within two hours from Paphos Airport but they are much more easily accessed if you fly into Larnaca Airport.

Are There Cheap Flights To Ayia Napa

As one of the major tourist resorts in Cyprus is Ayia Napa, many people often make the mistake of trying to search for ‘Cheap flights to Ayia Napa’ but there is no airport in Ayia Napa and if you are wanting to stay in Ayia Napa itself, you will need to fly into the nearest airport to Ayia Napa, which is Larnaca Airport. Most good tour operators or flight comparison websites will automatically list flights to Larnaca Airport if you enter the search term ‘Flights to Ayia Napa’ but you should be searching for flights to Larnaca and not Ayia Napa!

How To Find The Best Flight Deals To Larnaca

As with any flights, the price of a single or return flight to Larnaca will fluctuate throughout the year and is simply determined by demand. Obviously, if you are looking for a flight to Larnaca during one of the peak periods (especially the school holidays), you can expect to pay a premium price for your flight. However, there are certain ways you can reduce the cost of your flight to Larnaca if you implement a few simple techiques.

Be Flexible: This may not be possible for you but if you can, you should try to be flexible with your dates and let the airlines dictate when you fly. This will place you in a much better position and as a result, will allow you to choose from a much wider choice of flights. Flights are generally cheaper on certain days of the week and also at certain times of the day. The flights that depart and arrive late night or early morning are usually the cheapest flights, simply because the majority of people would prefer to avoid the unsocial hours and would prefer daytime flights.

Shop Around: Don’t book the first flight you see, ensure you shop around and see what offers are available. Usually by taking the time to shop around, you will generally find a number of flights that will differ in price and surprisingly, these will be for the same flight but simply being sold through a different operator. one of the best ways is to use a flight comparison website like the one below.

Look For The Added Extras: Remember, some flights may look cheap at first but once you have added all the extras on, they can sometimes work out much more expensive that some of the other flights you see that at first look more expensive.

Be Prepared To Fly From A Different Airport: Sometimes it can work out much cheaper to fly from a different airport to the one that is closest to your home and that is obviously your first choice. There are many reasons why flight prices to Larnaca fluctuate and one of these is due to school holidays. Remember that some school holidays are different time to others which results in the flight prices being cheaper in one area of the country to another! This can mean a significant saving on the cost of your flight to Larnaca simply for travelling from an airport a little distance away. Obviously you will need to factor in the cost of getting to an alternative airport before deciding if it is viable or not!

Flights To Larnaca From Manchester

Both ‘Charter’ and ‘Scheduled’ flights operate from Manchester airport to Larnaca airport and these flights are on a regular basis, especially throughout the summer months.  To find out more about flights from Manchester and to see which airlines fly into Larnaca from Manchester, please clink on the link: Flights To Larnaca From Manchester

To find the best deals on flights to Larnaca, simply use the search box below:

Hopefully this page has helped provide a little more information on searching for a suitable flight and will be beneficial in helping you find the best flights to Larnaca to suit your own personal preference, circumstances and budget.