Shuttle Bus From Larnaca Airport – A Simple Guide

In this short guide, we take a look at the shuttle bus from Larnaca Airport. Hopefully, it will answer any questions you may have before travelling.

Shuttle Bus From Larnaca AirportThe shuttle buses are a popular form of transfer to and from the airport, with many passengers arriving at and departing from Larnaca (LCA). 






Why Choose A Shuttle Bus From Larnaca Airport:

The shuttle bus services offer a cheap and very reliable alternative form of transfer to and from Larnaca airport . As a result, they provide transfers to many popular destinations on the island of Cyprus, such as Ayia Napa, Pernera, Paralimni, Paphos, Limassol, Nicosia, Troodos and Protaras. There is also a shuttle service bus from Larnaca Airport to Kyrenia, in the Northern part of Cyprus.

If you are wanting to reach any of the popular destinations in Cyprus, then it is worth considering using one of the shuttle services that are available at the airport. There are many private companies that offer shuttle transfer to and from the airport. However, two of the best ones we use are :

Hoppa and Suntransfers

Obviously, you can search around yourself but we find these are two of cheapest independent companies.

Although there is a public bus service from the airport, it is limited to destinations. However, the shuttle bus services provide a quick, convenient and low cost option. Not only that but they drop you off at your hotel and pick you up at your hotel, on your return journey to the airport.


Types Of Shuttle Bus From Larnaca Airport:

There are several different types of shuttle services from Larnaca airport, these include:

  • Private Shuttle
  • Shared Shuttle
  • Private Taxi
  • Private Minibus

Obviously, the price per journey is determined by which transport you choose and the distance to and from the airport, to your final destination. 

Some of the services offer ‘Meet & Greet’ at the airport. These are generally the ‘Private’ shuttle service, where you have a private driver assigned to you.


Private Shuttle From Larnaca Airport:

The Larnaca Airport shuttle services are a popular choice of transfer for many passengers. They are especially popular with passengers travelling alone, on a budget or with children.  As a result of being able to pre-book their transfers to and from the airport in advance, it provides peace of mind,  before travel, which is a welcome option.

The ‘Private Shuttle’ services provide passengers with an exclusive form of transfer. This is exclusive to you and will take you straight to your chosen destination. Your driver will meet you at the airport upon your arrival and take you to your vehicle. You will not have to share the shuttle bus with any other passengers, so the journey time is much quicker. As a result of it being a private transfer and exclusive to you and your party, the cost is a little more expensive. However, if there are several people travelling in your group, this can still work out very cost effective.


Shared Shuttle:

Using the shared shuttle service is also a very viable solutions for those traveling on a low budget. Especially if passengers do not want to pay the full cost of hiring a car themselves or paying for a private taxi. As a result, the shared shuttle buses provides one of the cheapest forms of transfers from Larnaca Airport.

The shared Larnaca Airport shuttle bus, simply means that there will be several other passengers on the bus. In fact, the shared shuttle buses are usually much larger, with more passengers onboard. As a result, this means that there will be more drop offs along the way, than the other shuttle bus services. Due to this, it also means that the bus journey time will be a little longer than a private shuttle.


Express Shuttle:

The Express Larnaca Airport shuttle bus services, have a maximum of 4 stops. As you can imagine, these service dramatically reduce the transfer time. There is also much less waiting at the airport for other passengers to arrive.


Private Mini Van:

Private minivans are a great form of Larnaca Airport transfer, if there are several people travelling in your group. The private mini vans can take up to 8 passengers and also offer the ‘Meet & Greet service. Once again, these are a very cost effective form of transfer, where the cost can be shared between passengers.


Private Minibus From Larnaca Airport:

The private mini bus services from Larnaca Airport can take up to 10 passengers. As a result, this form of transfer are ideal for larger groups and families.


Private Mini Coach Shuttle From Larnaca Airport:

Private mini coach shuttle services are the perfect form of transfer for large groups up to 28 passengers. If you are travelling to Larnaca in a large group, then the ‘Private Mini Coach’ shuttle is worth considering.


Private Coach Shuttle From Larnaca Airport:

The ‘Private Coach’ shuttle service can take up to 53 passengers. As you can imagine, these are the ideal solution for large groups and work out very cost effective.

These shuttle services run from Larnaca Airport (LCA) to all the major resorts on the island of Cyprus. They all run regular services throughout the summer months. It is always advisable to book your seat in advanced to avoid any disappointment, simply because seats will be limited, especially on the shared shuttle bus services. Usually, the shuttle bus service will collect you from the airport and take you to your hotel. They will then collect you from your hotel and take you to the airport on your return journey.

Please Note: Some of the shuttle bus companies do not take passenger to private villas, so it is worthwhile checking before you book your place.


Larnaca Airport Shuttle Bus Timetable:

All the shuttle bus services at Larnaca Airport are scheduled to coincide with all the Arrivals and Departures at the airport. When you are pre-booking your Larnaca Airport shuttle transfer, you will be asked to submit your flight arrival or departure time. Upon your arrival at Larnaca Airport, your shuttle transfer will be waiting for your. Your pick up on day of your departure, will be scheduled at a time to ensure you are at the airport in good time prior to your departure time.


Compare Prices For Shuttle Bus From Larnaca Airport:

To Compare Hoppa and Suntransfers prices and to check availability on all transfers to and from Larnaca Airport, please click on following the links:

Hoppa and Suntransfers


To read more about different types of airport shuttle services, please visit the following webpage: Shuttle Bus From Larnaca Airport

There are a few other bus companies that offer shuttle service to Limasssol and Nicosia for 7-8 euros oneway and these can be found on the following page.

We hope you found this short guide useful in helping you find the best shuttle bus from Larnaca Airport, to suit your needs.