Flights To Larnaca From Manchester

Due to Manchester International Airport (MAN) being on of the UK’s largest and busiest airports, many airlines offer flights to Larnaca from Manchester, especially during the peak summer months.  Many of the larger Tour Operators provide package holidays with flights from Manchester to Larnaca (LCA) throughout the Summer, whilst other airlines have flights to Larnaca from Manchester International Airport throughout the year. This means that some flights are scheduled flights and some are Charter flights.

Passengers have a wide range of choice on flights to Larnaca from Manchester airport and you will certainly be able to select a flight that best suits your desired time of travel.  Like most flights, the best deals are usually found on the flights that have ‘not so good’ departure and arrival times such as late night and early morning.  Obviously, everyones circumstances are different but families with children generally do not want to be traveling at these times. if you are searching for flights to Larnaca Airport from Manchester and you are flexible with your travel dates and times and do not mind travelling at ‘unsociable’ hours, then you could find yourself some great deals.

How Much Are Flights To Larnaca From Manchester

Flights to Larnaca have always been fairly high and seem to be higher from Manchester Airport than many other airports. However, this said, there are still some cheap flights to be found but you need to be flexible on your travel dates to find the really cheap deals. Obviously, just like any other flights to destinations around the world, the flights to Larnaca (LCA) from Manchester (MAN) increase during the peak seasons and holiday periods. As a result of these increases in price, it means that each of the airlines flight prices fluctuate. It is very hard to say how much a flight to Larnaca will be at any one time and you really need to keep watching the flight prices to ensure you are getting the best deal.

If you are travelling out of season, you will no doubt find the best deals and you can sometimes be lucky and find flight deals from £69 return but if you are wanting to fly to Larnaca during the peak Summer months, you can be expected to pay between £200-£500 depending on the dates and the airline to which you are flying with.

Flights to Larnaca are simply determined by demand and if the seats for a certain flight are in demand and selling quick, then you will see the prices for that flight stay the same or increase. If the flight is not selling well, there is every chance that the airline will reduce the seat prices in order to sell the remaining seats on that flight.

Finding Flights To Larnaca From Manchester

To find the best deals on flights to Larnaca from Manchester without having to waste hours of time searching throughout websites, we have provided a link to one of the easiest facilities to search and compare all the airlines and flights to larnaca airport, in seconds.  To use the flight search tool, simply click on the link: Flights to Larnaca from Manchester

What Is The Difference Between A Scheduled Flight And A Charter Flight?

What is A Scheduled Flight?

Basically, a scheduled flight is one which is operated by the airline that operates throughout the year and is allocated a fixed or ‘Scheduled’ departure time. These are the flights that you would usually be able to find all year round if you are looking for a flight to Larnaca and are usually put on by an airline and not a holiday or Tour Operator.

What Is A Charter Flight?

A ‘Charter’ flight, is basically a flight that is organised by a tour operator to provide cheap holiday packages for passengers throughout peak periods, such as summer holidays or winter holidays.  These charter flights generally only operate for a certain number of months and are normall sold on a 7 or 14 day duration, unless there are surplus seats available.

Scheduled Flights To Larnaca From Manchester

The following Airlines all have scheduled flights to Larnaca from Manchester throughout the year.

Jet 2 – Cyprus Airways – Monarch Airlines – Thomson

Charter Flights To Larnaca From Manchester

The following companies all offer Charter flights to Larnaca from Manchester.

Cyprus Airways – Fly Hellas – Thomas Cook – Thomson

Is The Flight From Manchester to Larnaca (Cyprus) Classed As A Short, Medium Or Long Haul Flight?

A Short Haul Flight is generally a flight that is less than 3 hours

A Medium Haul flight, is generally between 3 and 6 hours

A Long Haul flight, is generally a flight that is long distance and is over 6 and a half hours.

Flights to Larnaca from Manchester are approximately 4 hrs 40 mins, which makes it a ‘Medium Haul’ flight.

What Facilities Are On Flights To Larnaca From Manchester

All airlines offer different facilities during their flights and flights have certainly changed over the past decade. Long gone are the days when each flight offered an inflight meal, complimentary drinks, free film and headsets. The facilities you receive on your flight from Manchester to Larnaca is simply determined by which airline or Tour Operator you fly with. There are now several of the ‘Low Budget’ airlines operating flights in and out of Larnaca and if you are flying with one of them, you will receive a pretty basic flight in terms of facilities. Although these airlines do offer drinks and snacks on board, you will have to pay for them and it is always recommended to take your own food if you want to cut down on the cost.

Cyprus Airways Flights To Larnaca From Manchester

Cyprus Airways is the national airline of Cyprus and has a great reputation for its service. Cyprus Airways offer direct flights from Manchester to Larnaca throughout the year and these are Scheduled flights. Cyprus Airways offer a Business Class option on their flights enabling passengers to enjoy a number of extra luxuries during their flight.


The prices of flights to Larnaca from Manchester fluctuate throughout the year and if you are flexible with your dates and travel time, you should be able to find the best deals. If you are looking to travel during the peak season, you should shop around using one of the flight comparison websites to enjoy you find the best deals on flights to Larnaca from Manchester.